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New Patient Form: Surgery

If your pet has an upcoming Surgical appointment with Dr. Mac Maxwell or Dr. Rebecca Stokes, please complete the specialty form using one of the options below. 

Complete Online

Complete and submit the form below.

Print & Complete

Bring the completed form with you.

Download PDF

Complete on Arrival

If you prefer, you can complete the form when you get to our hospital.

Surgery Patient Admission Form

Please answer the following questions to the best of your knowledge. 

Current medications

When dropping your pet off for surgery, you will receive a call as your pet is being prepared for their procedure. A doctor will contact you after your pet has fully recovered from their sedation or anesthesia. A discharge time will be scheduled for later in the day if your pet is not requiring overnight hospitalization. For updates on your pet in between these calls, please feel free to contact our office to speak with a member of our surgery team at any time.
When dropping off your pet for a routine suture removal, bandage change or recheck, please note the doctor will be evaluating your pet between scheduled appointments and surgeries. Our doctors will call with an update regarding your pet's progress or will speak to you at the time of discharge. Additionally, a member from our surgery team will speak with you regarding services performed and readily assist you with any questions you may have if the doctor is with an appointment or in surgery.
If you are dropping your pet off for the day only and you wish to speak with the doctor at the time you pick up, please let the surgery nurse or surgery coordinator know and they can call you to schedule a time for you to meet with the doctor later in the day.
Pets rarely go home the same day they have surgery. Many calls are made after 6:00pm. We will call you after surgery, but if you have not heard from us by 5:30pm, feel free to call for an update

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